Carwash Fundraiser – September 9

Stang Gang Car Wash Fundraiser

Parking lot by Sonic on Vann Drive in The Columns

September 9, 2023
9am-1pm (First Shift Players arrive at 8:47am)

You have received and are expected to sell 10 tickets for $10 each.

You are expected to return this envelope with $100 cash/checks inside by September 9.
If you do not sell all 10 tickets, return any unsold tickets and cash/checks for what you did sell.

Don’t wait to start selling. Get started right away. This should be an easy fundraiser for you.

We have a big trip planned for the Spring and without your full effort fundraising we will not be able to go.

Players will work on the day of the carwash split into two shifts as follows:

First Shift
Second Shift
Aiden Alexander
Brock Browning
Carson Billingsley
Carter Noble
Dylan Stranak
Garrett Clark
Gavan Thomas
Layne Cannon
Noah Greene
Ryker Stegall
Ty Laffoon
Tyler Murphy
Wilson Putnam
Allen Meek
Braylon Klyce
Cameron Butler
Conner Puckett
Eli Lutz
Gage Dillon
Garrett Pickens
Isaac Jones
Jaden Sorensen
Nico Udovich
Stephen Coleman
Zac Littrell

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